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Movie Deliverance (2007)

Trailer of Deliverance


Plagued by the vicissitudes of his agitated life style, Léo vainly tries to find a shelter by becoming intoxicated with electronic music, alcohol and hashisch. When a work colleague talks to him about a meditational training effective in putting an end to the root of all sorrow, it sounds to him like a great revelation.

Without waiting, he decides to renounce to everything, including his girl friend, and to depart to Myanmar, in search of an isolated spot suitable for a contemplative life style. Apart from the difficulties linked with acclimatization, the lack of comfort and asian customs, his three worst enemies will do everything to lead him astray from the right path: ignorance, aversion and desire…



Thank you for your movie. I found it to be real success. It proves that with little financial means but a lot of human potential we can achieve very beautiful things.

It made me laugh a lot while deeply marking me.


I have appreciated a lot your initiatory movie. It made me realize that the essential point doesn't lie that much in the roles of renowned and professional actors but rather in the story played in the film with truthful and well committed actors and that there is really no need for a super production.

When I discover this kind of film, I write 10 CDs and I offer them to people surrounding me while writing «if you liked it, pass it on».


I found that the result was close to a «professional» rendering except a few cues where we feel that the actors are amateur. The emotion was omnipresent, punctuated by some hints of humor that always surprise me.

The two hours of the film are passing by very quickly, and I am impatient to watch it again!


Congratulation for your film, I watched it like a magnificent teaching and I hope that it will be displayed everywhere on the net so that many people will be able to watch it. Thanks for that gift.


A real success with so little means… This film can but touch people! I have had a very good time and I will watch it more than once!! Great thanks from the bottom of my heart.


I wished to tell a great «bravo» for the film: I have spent an excellent afternoon. Through its initiatory aspect, it made me think about the quest of the Knights of the Round Table. Crudely speaking, having achieved such a film with so little means was almost impossible task. You did it. «I'll take my hat off to you»!


A journey in Asia, that's really good for a first film. Often beginners realize their film on the spot of one and the same country, possibly the same town. You have done a tremendous translation work.

Usually, I watch the first five minutes of a film and if I enjoy it, I watch it all, otherwise I stop watching it. But this one is well structured from the beginning to the end and very well shot.


Download the movie

The English version of the movie "Deliverance" is partly subtitled in English, partly into the shape of English dialogues. You can download it freely from here:

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Notice! This movie exist with only one audio version (a part in French, a part in English). The difference between the 3 versions are the subtitles: French, English, Burmese.

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