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Extras (funny wrong scenes, making of, interviews…)

Trailer of Lokuttara


Plagued by the vicissitudes of his agitated life style, Léo vainly tries to find a shelter by becoming intoxicated with electronic music, alcohol and hashisch. When a work colleague talks to him about a meditational training effective in putting an end to the root of all sorrow, it sounds to him like a great revelation.

Without waiting, he decides to renounce to everything, including his girl friend, and to depart to Myanmar, in search of an isolated spot suitable for a contemplative life style. Apart from the difficulties linked with acclimatization, the lack of comfort and asian customs, his three worst enemies will do everything to lead him astray from the right path: ignorance, aversion and desire…

Notice! This movie exist with only one audio version (a part in French, a part in English). The difference between the 3 versions are the subtitles: French, English, Burmese.

Except this page, this website is unfortunately displayed only in French. However, the following pages comprise numerous pictures (or videos, advertisements, etc.) related to the film:

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